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Movies that Matter is a community event where people who want to get involved can all be starting "on the same page" for discussion.  Whether people agree or disagree on an issue will be completely up to the individual, but let's always be respectful of other people's opinions - we all have one you know!


The idea is that individuals who subscribe to Texas Right to Know will receive an email with a link to a particular documentary addressing a necessity of life issue along with a link to an events page where there may be a showing in their community at; a home, a church, a synagogue, a school, a coffee house, a movie theater etc.

So what's needed to make this happen in your community? 

We are seeking community hosts and hosting locations of businesse who want to be involved. 

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No information is to be considered as a substitute for advice from an attorney or a medical professional. 

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Groups referenced on this site are not to be interpreted as their endorsement of all views shared.

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