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The Case for Functional Medicine.

The following is a case study of Clayton, a typical 12 year old little boy, like one in four children on some form of mood or behavior medication.  Many psychiatric diagnoses are based purely upon observation of behavior per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) used in psychiatry. 

He had been seen by 5 specialist, received 11 diagnosis and prescribed 8 medications, often paid for by Texas Medicaid.  On the left is his handwriting under "Standard of Care" treatment. 

Once Clayton was evaluated by a functional physician who examined his PHYSICAL condition with appropriate labs and evaluation, Clayton was gluten intolerant, had fungus, lead and nutritional deficiencies.  After two months of addressing his physical root causes, his hand writing greatly improved on the right.


Behavioral misconduct due to physical root causes from bacterial and/or viral infections, food allergies, nutritional deficiences, heavy medical toxicity, fungus, drug side effects, etc. will never be treated successfully with conseling or psychiatric drugs and the patient will continues to suffer. 


2018 Appeal for Functional Medicine Study goes out to Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Kirk Watson

Before children are drugged with pharmaceuticals to treat mood or behavior dysfunctions, schools should encourage parents to seek medical care that evaluates body-function systems (digestive, neurological, endocrine, etc.) to determine if body system dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies could be responsible for child's poor or psychotic behavior.  Mental illnesses could be associated with; drug side effects, food allergies, bacterial infections (Lyme Disease, PANDAS, etc.), environmental toxins (lead, mercury, EMF, chemicals), etc.

       Disruptive behavior triggered by a food allergy to chocolate.

This is a video of a 9 year old little boy being tested for a chocolate allergy. 

When he arrived, he was in a good mood with nothing adverse symptoms to report, pleasant and communicative.

Within minutes of being exposed to the chocolate allergen, he becomes uncooperative, belligerent, unable to concentrate, feels bad, unable to do a simple puzzle.

After 10 minutes, he is given a dose that makes his symptoms go away, he can sit still, is able to concentrate and perform tasks.

Mental Illnesses linked to physical factors:

PANDAS - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections - creates inflammation in the brain that results in psychotic behavior.

Lyme Rage: "Several years ago, I admitted a patient with Lyme disease (LD) to a psychiatric unit. He was para­noid and assaulted five police officers in an episode of rage." Robert C. Bransfield, M.D.

Schizophrenia: "Orthomolecular physicians report a 75-85% success rate in treating schizophrenia, with both the extent and the likelihood of improvement in stark contrast to long-range outcome with mainstream methods. Their nutrient-based treatments include vitamin approaches for histapenia, histadelia, pyroluria, allergies, sugar issues, metal metabolism dysfunction, toxicity, neurotransmitter imbalances, and confounding medical illness."

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from wireless devices (cell phones, WIFI, etc.):

"Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression... Among the more
commonly reported changes are sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache,
depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness,dysesthesia, concentration/attention
dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, restlessness/anxiety, nausea, skin burning/tingling/dermographism and EEG changes.," 
Dr. Martin Pall

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