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We Must Become the Leaders of Our Future


Texas Right To Know (TRTK) is a coalition of various advocacy groups with services designed to inform and connect people in a community regarding local and state legislative issues that affect their basic necessities of life and how they can get involved and influence the laws they live under.   Though there are many very important social issues before us, TRTK will focus on those which bring forth a united front for action and steer clear of those issues which are controversial, polarizing and divisive.

Gone are the days when we can just trust our elected officials to "do the right thing" for our communities.  Corporate lobbyists, consultants, and public private partnerships have tipped the scales in favor of big interest at the public's expense.


The groups listed on this site represent a broad spectrum of political views who share a common interest on some or all of these issues listed.  These include orginizations and/or individuals who monitor legislation for obstruction of our rights, serve as citizen lobbyists, or conduct petitions in their community to change what they view are injustices.

Their inclusion on this site is not to be interpreted as an endorsement of all issues on this site but rather for the specific issues they are listed under.

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