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The Right to Safe Food

For decades. Texas has been a large producer of agriculture crops and livestock primarily produced by family farms and ranches  With the average age of people in agriculture being 55 or older, it is a well established fact that rural Texas is in a state of crisis.  Once family farms and ranches are subdivided into "ranchettes" and are sold to absentee land owners, the primary activity of land  becomes recreational and food production falls into the hands of big corporations.  With "Big Ag", the bottom line profitability and stockholder dividends takes priority over the health and quality of food being produced. 

In the US, agriculture practices are being largely directed by universities who receive corporate funding to promote synthetic manners of growing crops utilizing chemical pesticides and herbicides and producing livestock with growth hormones and routine antibiotic use.
State and Federal governments has failed to protect its people by not requiring food to be labeled regarding;

-  Country of origin

-  Growth hormones

-  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

-  Chemical toxins etc.


Without this information, consumers have no way to avoid purchasing products they feel are determental to their health.


On this site, we will educate individuals on the importance of restoring our rural communities into vibrant producers of quality food so that once again, people can lived in close proximity to their food sources and reap the benefits of safe, healthy food.

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