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Let's Get Well is an initiative of Texas Right to Know (TRTK) to enlist the private sector to sponsor supportive care for outpatient COVID positive, COVID exposed, or symptomatic patients. 


With frequency therapeutics of pulsed eletromagnetic frequency and advanced microcurrent, improved blood flow and immune support are easily and safety available. 

This is Pulsed EletroMagnetic Frequency (PEMF) - BEMER device.  

For general inquiries and further information, please contact us:

Sheila Hemphill


The ozone major autohemo (MAH) therapy is similar to a person donating blood, having ozone gas produced from an ozone generator infused into the blood bag and giving it back to the person.  This 100 year old therapy has thousands of studies showing its safety and efficacy. 

With as little as $75 a session, ozone or other appropriate supportive care can be administered by a trained, medical provider in about 45 minutes to an hour. 

Reports from other countries regarding prior outbreaks have shown ozone to be effective against viruses like Ebola, SARS-CoV-2, and COVID-19.  Ozone is a naturally occurring gas consisting of three molecules of oxygen (O3).  Ozone can be irritating to the lungs if inhaled but when delivered in other methods, ozone helps to modulate the immune system and oxygenate the body.

Ozone treatments are being used in Italy, China, Spain, India, and many other European countries.  This supportive care is provided in hopes of reducing the number of patients requiring hospitalizations that results in great physical and financial costs to them and their families. 


With 14% of hospitalized patient in Italy receiving negative test swabs after five, once a day sessions of ozone therapy, imagine if we could offer supportive care before people need hospitalization! 

With Governor Abbott's executive orders that completely prohibit certain business activities or reduce the number customers serviced, the private sector of small businesses and large corporations are the hardest hit by these lock-downs. Particularly the entertainment and sports industries are losing millions due to social distancing.  The fear that there is no treatment is the major factor for the social distancing and economic lock-downs which is unraveling our social structure. 

When the US begins to experience the positive results being reported in these other countries with this safe supportive aid, we too can go back to our "old normal" of church and school attendance and get back to work and begin to rebuild.




All corporate sponsors may receive at their request:

  • Logo and link to sponsor's website listed on TRTK sponsor appreciation page

  • Logo and link to sponsor's website listed on service provider's website when possible

  • Signage at service provider locations

  • Interview for social media


  • $55,000 as a Service Provider Sponsor and $50,000 to provide data collection of patient labs to establish clinical study 

  • Corporate recognition in participating service provider's locations, in  advertising and marketing materials as desired


  • Pays for supportive care for approximately 200 patients to receive up to five, once a day sessions 

  • Purchases an ozone generator per service provider

  • Admin and training

  • Payment for contract RN staff, plus medical aide and disposables
    (Staff PPE, IVs, needles, disposing fee, etc.)


  • With staff of two RNs and medical aide, it is estimated to be able to service 50 patients a day, for five days, projected time frame for event completion is four weeks

  • Patients are encouraged to contribute to the best of their ability if possible to enable more care for more people

☐   $15,000  EMPLOYER SPONSOR 

  • Provides supportive care for approximately 40 employees or their family members for COVID positive, symptomatic, or as preventative measures at company's on-site facility

☐   $5,000 EVENT SPONSOR 

  • Contributes to the supportive care at participating service providers as preventative wellness measures for residents in their local communities


Funds go to support established services providers offering
supportive care as a donation rather than a business promotion.  Donations are not tax deductible.


☐   $3,000 - $5,000  GOLD SUPPORTER

☐   $1,000 - $2,999  SILVER SUPPORTER

☐   $500 - $999  BRONZE SUPPORTER

☐   $50  SUPPORTER


☐   BUILD YOUR OWN      $  _________                      



Supportive care will be provided through informed patient consent by individuals who assume responsibility for their decisions.

Payments for sponsorship and donations are preferred to be by check with 3.5%-4% going to TRTK for project management and administrative overhead in lieu of credit card processing fees. 

Credit card payments are available by invoice with addition of merchant processing fees to contribution selection.

All above information is subject to change.

Texas Right To Know (TRTK) is a DBA of United Support Services, Inc.
a Texas S-corp.  Sheila Hemphill is the CEO of TRTK and predominately lobbies for hemp, health and healthcare issues from the perspective and for the benefit of the people.  She is not a state licensed medical professional nor is she an attorney, so no information contained on this site or regarding the use of any supportive care is intended to be a substitute for medical or legal advice. 


Hemphill holds a degree in computer science with 25 years of experience in project management and development of systems for the healthcare industry.  She was a founder in one of the first HIPAA compliant internet applications in 1998.  She has worked with integrative physicians, healthcare providers and researchers since 2008 and is a certified nutrition consultant.

To learn more about TRTK and how to support these efforts please contact

Sheila Hemphill


Texas Right To Know

406 W. 12th

Brady, Texas 76825

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