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The Right to Make Positive Changes in Your Community

Change - it's never easy but whether it's for self improvement or for changes in your community, schools, businesses, state or nation, it begins with you.  To initiate change, you have to be aware of the situations that need to change, knowledge of how to change

those situations and invest in the actions needed to bring positive change to your community. 


For self, it could be as simple as beginning to make your bed each day.  In a world of chaos and situations you can't change or control, that's one act that you have control over to achieve your first success of a day.  For a community, it can be as simple as picking up trash instead of walking by it.  It's seeing a need of your neighbor and offering assistance with the resources you have.  It's volunteering at a shelter or food bank.  It's starting a community garden.


It all begins with you and where you are...

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