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2023-01-17  CNN News @CNN ABDUL WASI SAFI Veterans groups call on Biden to help Afghan soldier's asylum case. 

023-01-16 Fox News's, Dana Perino, interviews of Sami Safi regarding a call for a presidential pardon for his brother Abdul Wasi Safi.

2023-01-13 - ABC 13 News - Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, (TX-18, D-Houston)  See her letter to President Biden requesting a pardon for Wasi.

2022-12-23 - Congressman Dan Crenshaw (TX-2, R-Houston) and 

Michael Waltz(FL-6, R-Palm Coast) with his own press release.

"We sent a letter to President Biden requesting Afghan Special Forces Commando Abdul Wasi Safi be granted parole while his asylum case is adjudicated".

Below is a brief on Abdul Wasi Safi "Wasi"

who served with our US troops in support of the United States and was left behind. 

see for more details and for
Go Fund Me assistance.

Abdul Wasi Safi - Credentials

The following letters of support are intended for legal and legislative review, therefore, personal information is redacted. 

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wing of the original letter's content,
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2023-01-13 - Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, (D-Houston) Calls for Presidential Pardon for Wasi

2022-12-23 - Direct Support - Chief of Afghan Army

2022-12-17 - Direct Support - Lt Col US Army - 

2022-12-07 - Direct Support - Col US Army


2022-12-06 - Direct Support - Lt Col USAF - 

2022-12-06 - Direct Support - Infantryman Marines - 

2022-12-05 - Direct Support - Reporter - US Army - 

2022-12-04 - Direct Support - Reporter - 

2022-12-02 - Direct Support - Contractor-Special Forces - 

2022-12-01 - Direct Support - Captian US Army - 

2021-08-01 - Direct Support - Lt Col USMC - 


Military Supporters:

2022-12-21 - Supporter - Military Foundations

2022-12-19 - Coalition of Military Non-profits

Current Court Documents. 
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